Home Remedies


It is always most important, before trying any home remedies, that you have a good understanding of what is involved. The cost of the home remedies might not be what they seem: check out the cost of each ingredient. Some of these are obtainable cheaply, and some you might even already have.

Put together a basic home remedies toolkit and you should be able to make most things. Always be sure that you know what you are using and how to combine the ingredients, because some household chemicals can be dangerous, and you don’t want the whole thing to turn into a disastrous science experiment!

Burns are a common problem, and many people will choose to apply an expensive cream or gel in order to soothe away the pain. Home remedies which are much cheaper alternatives, however, can be found in the form of an aloe vera plant, or even mustard or milk, which you may well already have in your kitchen, work really well. Using mustard for any length of time results in its discoloration, and some people prefer not to use it for that reason, but it is effective.

Baby powder is a good idea for sweat absorption and for soothing chafed skin. We know about baby powder when it comes to babies and young children, but forget about using it when we are older. Keep a supply on hand for any chafing or rashes which might occur.

Many teenagers and adults find acne a constant and long lasting battle, and spend a lot of money in the process. Toothpaste is a cheap alternative home remedy. Apply it at night, and it works to dry out the lesions and will clear them up in a couple of days. A lot quicker and less expensive than most of the available acne treatments! This is not as effective for some skin types, but all types will see at least some improvement.

Headaches are one common problem which the cheapest of home remedies can solve. In fact, you can treat yourself for free, with acupressure. Take time to learn where to apply pressure, and how much pressure to apply. The pressure points are in the hand, and this can be a highly successful pain relief method. Once you know exactly how to do this, pain relief can be yours in just a few moments. This has to be the cheapest and most readily available of all home remedies!

These are just a few examples where home remedies can be created simply and cheaply, by using things you probably already have at home. There are plenty of others, some common, others less so, but all highly affordable and effective.