Best Hangover Cure – Home Remedies

When large amounts of alcohol are drunk the body becomes dehydrated and depleted of several minerals. That is in essence why one feels so sick with a hangover.

Drinking plenty of water during the same time that you are drinking alcohol is recommended as a way of avoiding dehydration. Some people recommend drinking one glass of water for every glass of alcohol. This will certainly reduce the amount of dehydration that occurs. Reducing dehydration is good hangover prevention.

Taking a multi vitamin mineral tablet at the end of the night and drinking a sports drink that contains B vitamins is recommended by some as a way to avoid a hangover. A cysteine, sulphur based amino acid, supplement may help the liver to break down the alcohol. This is often considered a good way of preventing a hangover.

The next morning eat a light breakfast and drink more water. Coffee will deplete your hydration levels rather than replenishing them.

Particular foods are considered by some to be the best hangover cure. Foods that are recommended are tomatoes and bananas.

Try the following hangover remedies:

Bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin B6. Eating them can help replenish these nutrients that have been depleted by excess alcohol consumption.

Either eat a couple of bananas or some say making a banana smoothie is even more effective. That could be because milk contains the amino acid cysteine.

To make a banana smoothie blend two ripe bananas with milk and a couple of spoons of honey.

Remember that drinking to the amount that ends in a hangover puts quite a lot of stress on the body, particularly on the liver. When in this state the liver’s ability to supply glucose to the brain and other body tissues is impaired. This results in fatigue, moodiness, weakness and decreased attention. The very best hangover cure could be to drink wisely so that a hangover does not develop.

Drink with care and responsibility and take care of your health.