Natural Ways to Lighten Hair

Natural Ways to Lighten Your Hair At Home

Rather than applying chemicals to your hair there are a few ways to lighten your hair or to add highlights to it.

None of these will change your hair color drastically, but will rather add just that little difference that you may be looking for.

The two things that are commonly known about are lemon juice and sunshine.  There are some other things that can be used depending on the color of your hair.

Lemon Juice

Some people will apply lemon juice directly to their hair while others prefer to break it down with water first, believing that straight lemon juice is too harsh for their skin.  In either case sitting in the sun for a while to let it dry gives a greater result.  If you break it down with water you may need to do a few applications to get the desired result.  Lemon juice is primarily use for blonde hair.


For blonde hair let about 5 chamomile tea bags steep in boiling water until they are cold.  Apply to the hair using a spray bottle.  Massage in and sit in the sun for abouthalf an hour.


For making brown hair brighter try making an extra strong pot of coffee.  When the coffee is completely cool put it in a spray bottle and apply to your hair.  Massage it in and sit in the sun for about half an hour.  This will not make your hair lighter but it should make it brighter.  This should give nice, natural looking highlights.

Cherry, Blackberry, Beet

Red heads could try the same type of thing only use either cherry or blackberry tea.  Another thing that can give highlights to red hair is a mixture of beet juice and water.  Again sit in the sun for about half an hour while it is drying.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Marigold

To gain highlights in any color hair try boiling 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 cup water and a handful of dried marigold flowers together.  When cold strain and apply to hair using a spray bottle.  It takes about an hour for the highlights to appear.

Repeatedly exposing your hair to the sun while it is wet is said to help with lightening it. 

Exercise care and caution when doing anything to the color of your hair.  Test on a small inconspicuous area first if desired.