Cystic Acne

Cystic acne is considered the most severe form of acne.  It affects the deeper skin tissue and can have greater inflammation than ordinary acne.  The pus filled cysts can be very painful.  Because the cysts are filled with bacteria, anything that has anti bacterial properties could be useful in treating this problem.

Nutmeg – Nutmeg helps to reduce swelling, redness and irritation.  It is useful in helping to control cystic acne.

Mineral salt crystal deodorant – Rubbing a crystal deodorant on the problem areas after a shower and letting it dry naturally can be helpful.  This provides a layer of anti bacterial salts on the skin and can help to deal with the bacteria.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar.  Add salt to the cotton ball..  Hold it onto the infected area for as long as you can.  The swelling should be noticeably reduced.

Egg White – Applying egg white to cystic acne is a simple remedy that works for some.

Turmeric – Make into a paste.  It can be effective when mixed with things such as neem leaves, sandalwood or rosewater.  Remember that turmeric will stain clothing and bed sheets, so take care.

Tea Tree Oil –  The excellent anti bacterial properties of tea tree oil make it very useful in treating cystic acne.

Holistic approach – Treating the internal causes of cystic acne is worth consideration.  This would include things like assessing diet, eliminating any environmental factor that may help produce the acne, detoxifying and any other measures that would contribute to overall good health.

These few ideas may be enough to get you started along the road to ridding yourself of cystic acne.  If it is very bad you may need to consult a qualified dermatologist for advice.  However, the final decision on any treatment is in your hands.