Acne – Inexpensive Home Remedies

Inexpensive Home Remedies For Acne

People have been struggling with the problem of acne for many years, and some people have faces covered in it. There is not much anyone can actually do to avoid the problem, but there are things you can do to improve it. Treatments bought over the counter or on prescription are costly and often not very effective.

Home remedies for acne often contain such ingredients as lemon juice, cucumber and milk. There are lots of other things which you can use, too, so it’s worth finding out about these and trying a few. You could find that you have a successful acne treatment without spending a lot of money, and with no serious side effects. If you feel that you are losing the battle to treat your acne, keep trying, because the perfect solution could still be waiting for you to discover it. Most people are surprised and delighted to find out that the answer to their acne problems could be as simple as some of the things they have around the house.

Other simple ingredients in home remedies for acne include strawberry leaves and orange peel. Strawberry leaves can help to bring down the painful acne swellings. Mash orange peel with a little water into a paste and apply to reduce acne lesions.

If you like the smell of cucumber, make some into a paste and apply to the skin daily in order to prevent acne breakout. Leave the paste on for half an hour or more. Your skin will feel refreshed afterwards. This paste actually contains some of the nutrients that are found in commercial acne products.

Mix milk and nutmeg together into a paste and apply to acne lesions to dry them out. This is a highly effective method, however you might have to apply several times to clear the acne up completely.

Another excellent home remedy is mint juice, either alone or mixed with turmeric to give it an extra boost. If mixed with turmeric, leave on for about half an hour, and then rinse off with warm water. Be sure to rinse off completely, or you could risk drying your skin out too much.

It could take quite some time to work through various home remedies for acne before you find the perfect one for you. Everyone has their own particular balance which you need to maintain if your skin is to be healthy. When you are trying out home remedies, be sure to give each one sufficient time to actually work before you give up on it. Two weeks should be enough to notice whether or not it is going to work.